Our Mission

To find unique and complete solutions to your complex Municipal questions.

What makes us unique?

Our Process 

(the "How we do it")

The Understanding Phase

This is where we hear your side of things, trying to figure out what it is you need to be done, and how we can best achieve it.

The Strategy Phase

This is where we use our past experience and rare insight to work alongside you to strategize and figure out how we can best approach the Federal Government.

The Delivered Result

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver results that fit the needs of our Clients. We will work alongside you until we get you the results you desire. 

A selection of clients with whom we have worked at the municipal and regional level.

Our Clients are a broad cross-section of the Municipal Movement in Canada. We tailor our services based on their specifications and needs, whether that be a one time visit to Ottawa, customized intelligence reports or a long-standing advocacy relationship. We look forward to working with you.


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